Estate Planning

Estate Planning

We don’t like worrying about the future. We don’t want to think about what happens to our house or money after we’re gone.

But what about our loved ones? Our loved ones will have enough to worry about.  If the worst happens, we can make life easier for them by planning ahead.

We have practiced estate law for years.  We know that preparing a will can be draining . We can guide you through the steps and explain your best options.

Preparing a will ensures that your property will be dealt with according to your wishes. You can make sure that a cherished family heirloom stay in the family.  You can decide if your common-law-spouse lives out his or her life in your house.

Part of your estate plan involves a power of attorney. Ontario has three different types of powers of attorney.  You choose another person to make decisions on your behalf. Do you expect needing a medical proxy to help you make healthcare decisions when you are incapacitated? You may want to start planning now.  You can make your wishes known in case of your future incapacity.

These are difficult issues to think about, but they are too important to ignore. Consult a lawyer with expertise in the area of estate planning.  Give yourself peace of mind about the future.


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