A Results-Oriented Divorce Lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area

Divorce is stressful and upsetting.  People going through a marriage breakdown experience the same loss and pain that come with losing a loved one.  They also face uncertainty about the future.

In Canada, there are three grounds for divorce:

  • One year of separation;
  • Adultery; or
  • Cruelty (mental or physical)

The most common ground is a one-year separation.

Legal Separation Lawyer

During the separation, couples usually try and come up with a separation agreement that covers the main aspects of their separation:

  • Child custody, access and child support;
  • Property ownership and equalization of net family property, and possession of the home;
  • Spousal support; and
  • Other issues such as pensions, estates, loans and any important matter.

At MacLennan Law, we provide effective legal representation during separation and divorce.  We tailor our representation to the needs of our client.  Thomas MacLennan is passionate and understanding when representing clients.  He is tough when necessary.

During this stressful and emotional time, hire a lawyer who will protect your interests, act as your advocate, and ease your worries. Our Toronto law firm will navigate your case either in or out of the court system in a timely and efficient matter, to reach an optimal resolution.

Client Attention, Responsiveness, and Respect

Our family law firm brings a sense of calm and rationality to challenging legal issues. Our team approaches every divorce case strongly focusing on our clients, treating them with attention, respect and providing them with regular information updates. Contact a highly knowledgeable Toronto divorce lawyer through our online form or call 416-591-1354 to arrange a consultation.