Changes to Support, Custody or Access

When Life Circumstances Change

Changes and variations to existing child and spousal support orders may be simple or complex depending on the facts. In either case, the right evidence needs to be presented before the court. With the assistance of an experienced lawyer, clients are assured that their best case is put forward. The courts understand that life circumstances can change, but they require parties to show that the change was unexpected. To learn more about how to modify an existing child or spousal support amount in Ontario, contact The Law Office of Thomas J. MacLennan in Toronto.

Ontario Custody and Access Changes

Parents always have the right to have custody and access agreements, as well as support orders, reviewed by the court after a material change in circumstances. Relocation is a common reason why a parent may request a change to an existing custody and access agreement. However, the courts generally favour the status quo and tend to support stable situations for children. Unless both parents are prepared to consent, the court will reopen the determination of custody and access, and decide what is best for the children.

Retroactive Support in Ontario

When a support order is not reviewed on a regular basis or there is not proper income disclosure for a period of time, it may be appropriate to request retroactive support. If you would like to file a retroactive claim for support due to a parent’s dishonesty regarding his or her true income, Thomas J. MacLennan can assist you.

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