Child & Spousal Support

Advocating for Payors and Recipients of Support

The Child Support Guidelines (CSG) and Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG) bring consistency and predictability to support outcomes. Consistent outcomes are important because they allow parties to settle their cases. That does not mean simplicity, though. The calculation can be a complicated process, especially where available income is in dispute. With the range of complications, it is important to hire an experienced child and spousal support lawyer to advocate for you.

At the law office of Thomas J. MacLennan, we help individuals in Toronto and throughout Ontario through the process of determining child and spousal support. With more than 35 years of experience in family law, Thomas J. MacLennan focuses his practice on advocating for clients in divorce and other family law disputes.

Determination of Income for Child Support

When determining income to establish support, we begin by examining past income tax returns. We investigate other issues affecting income such as adjustments to income, clawing back personal business expenses, considering corporate retained earnings, and self-dealing. We also work with accountants and other professionals to investigate sources of income.

Ontario Lawyer: Support Guidelines

After income, we will look at Ontario’s child support tables to come to an accurate table amount. The tables use the income of the payor and the number of children to determine the amount. Other child care costs not included in the table amount:

  • Day care expenses
  • Uninsured health care costs for children
  • Extracurricular activities expenses
  • Education costs

There is ongoing annual disclosure of income to ensure the correct amount of support and to reflect the payor’s current income.

Changing Child Support

If a parent refuses to provide income information, the parent can be accountable. If you would like to file a retroactive claim for child support due to a parent’s dishonesty about income, we can assist you. We can also help you pursue a change to a child support amount.

Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines

The first step is to determine whether a spouse is entitled to support, and if so, on what basis. Is the entitlement compensatory, based on need, or both? Different types of entitlement produce different support outcomes.

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