Family law is complex practice area. There are dozens of statutes and thousands of cases. Nonetheless, Judges who hear family law cases in Southern Ontario have a list of the leading 63 case authorities dealing with: parenting; child support; spousal support; property; marriage contracts; separation agreements and disclosure obligations; summary judgment; interim costs and disbursements; […]Continue reading

Family law cases have as their hallmark complete financial disclosure. If litigants have enough information, they can settle their disputes. That principle usually operates in sync with some other fundamental principles, including: Proceedings should be brought on notice; Decisions should be based on evidence. Simple enough? Apparently not. In the case of Stuyt v. Stuyt, […]Continue reading

28 year old California lawyer Wajahat Ali, fought an epic battle for a home loan modification against Wells Fargo and won…Eventually. His story is a well-written and terrifying look into the financial crisis, the state of America’s megabanks, and how homeowners in need seemingly stand no chance against the towering indifference, incompetence and confusion of […]Continue reading

The case of Tipping v. McNutt is a cautionary note to parties who lengthen family law hearings by raising irrelevant concerns. The case is a November 2009 decision of Justice Zisman of the Ontario Court of Justice. Justice Zissman issued the supplementary decision dealing with costs after the release of Her September 2009 trial decision. […]Continue reading