Thomas J. MacLennan is frequently contacted by lawyers from abroad who are interested in retaining our law firm. If you do not have counsel or an agent in Ontario, you will need an experienced lawyer who is geographically located in Ontario to assist you in legal matters here.

Based in Toronto, The Law Office of Thomas J. MacLennan can assist you in obtaining an order for discovery in Ontario. Attorneys in the U.S. who are involved in litigation will often utilize our firm to obtain judgements to question people in Ontario. We can also help you enforce a judgement in Canada.

International Child Custody Cases

Under the international Hague Convention, the court where the child is a resident is the authority in custody and access cases. Thomas J. MacLennan has significant experience helping parents bring their children back to Canada, on a rush basis when necessary. He also acts as an agent for U.S. law firms requiring assistance in bring a child from Canada back to the U.S.

At The Law Office of Thomas J. MacLennan, we bring a sense of calm and rationality to legal issues. We approach every case with a strong focus on client attention, responsiveness and respect. Contact Thomas J. MacLennan Barrister & Solicitor through our online form or call 416-591-1354 to learn more about referrals and international cases.